Confirmed invited speakers.

Plenary speaker
Michael Johnston
University of Oxford
Terahertz probes for semiconductor discovery

Plenary speaker
Jerome Faist
Terahertz vacuum fields: quantum optics meet solid-state physics

Plenary speaker
Willie Padilla
Duke University.
Deep dreaming the future of terahertz metamaterials

Keynote speaker
Jessica Boland
The University of Manchsester.
Terahertz meets topology: Exploring the optoelectronic properties of topological quantum materials via terahertz spectroscopy and microscopy

Keynote speaker
Cristina Benea-Chelmus
On-chip nonlinear photonics for terahertz research

Keynote speaker
Guillaume Ducournau
Photonics-based THz generation for THz communication testing & system-level demonstrations

Keynote speaker
Hassan Arbab
Stony Brook University.
High-speed THz spectroscopic and polarimetric scanners for clinical applications

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