Poster sesssion for Wednesday 10.04.2024

WeP.1 Qiwu Shi Low-loss THz fiber based on total internal reflection effect

WeP.2 We are sorry, this contribution was withdrawn

WeP.3 Benjamin Colmey Plasma-Generated THz-Driven Electron Emission

WeP.4 Michele Ortolani A 0.3 THz confocal microscope for cultural heritage inspection

WeP.5 Xiaojun Wu Spintronic THz Emission Nanoscopy

WeP.6 Elena Mavrona Conductivity measurements of CVD and exfoliated graphene on cyclic olefin copolymer using THz nanoscopy

WeP.7 Jie Ji Robustness of bound states in the continuum in THz metasurfaces

WeP.8 Nicolas Beermann Temperature Effects on THz Refractive Index and Optical Thickness of Typical Substrate Materials

WeP.9 Dibakar Roy Chowdhury Terahertz Transverse Magnetism in the One-dimension

WeP.10 Lei Cao Design Optimization of Interdigitated Terahertz Metamaterial Sensors

WeP.11 Huiliang Ou Fibre-Coupled Rapid Scan THz Generalized Ellipsometer

WeP.12 Florian Bek Investigation of GaAs-Based Large Area FET for Direct Picosecond Pulse Detection using Heterodyne System

WeP.13 Hassan Hafez Broadband Terahertz Conductivity of Solid-state Polymer Electrolytes

WeP.14 Georg Herink Polarity-sensitive THz-sampling using the Quantum Dot Stark-Effect

WeP.15 Carlos Miguel Garcia Rosas Optimization and design of polymer terahertz wave plates

WeP.16 Seyed Mostafa Latifi Tunable, High Refractive Index Terahertz 3D Printable Material

WeP.17 Leonardo Viti Near-field nanoscopy of Dirac plasmon polaritons in the 2-4.3 THz range in a topological insulator microantenna

WeP.18 Yinghong Huang Investigating the Optoelectronic Properties of Zinc Phosphide Thin Films via Optical-pump Terahertz Probe Spectroscopy

WeP.19 Qi Zhang Spin fluctuation-enhanced magnetic moments of terahertz phonons

WeP.20 Xinyun Liu Exploring the optoelectronic properties of Ge0.948Sn0.052 thin film heterostructures via THz spectroscopy

WeP.21 Julian Wiener Development of a temperature-controlled measuring platform for in-situ monitoring of crystallization processes using terahertz spectroscopy

WeP.22 Filip Kadlec THz study of the superconductor-insulator transition in a thin NbN film under in-plane magnetic field

WeP.23 Lara Heidrich Monitoring isothermal solid-state transformations of nifedipine in-situ using terahertz time-domain spectroscopy

WeP.24 Angus Currie Correlating Electro-Modulation and Phonon Spectroscopy to Probe the Electronic Properties of Organic Semiconductors

WeP.25 Sarah Norman Sub-wavelength Imaging of Terahertz Surface Currents with Aperture-type Near-field Microscopy

WeP.26 Nan Zhang Exploring terahertz emission in FeGa ferromagnetic material.

WeP.27 Ellen Adams Nonlinear Z-scan Terahertz Transmission of Protein Solutions

WeP.28 Jonas Woeste Enroute: Electric Field and Current Induced Second Harmonic Generation in Graphene

WeP.29 Changqing Zhu Nonlinear terahertz responses of optically excited Cu2O

WeP.30 Christelle Kadlec How THz circularly polarized light can be used to determine the mass of vortices in high-temperature superconductors

WeP.31 Andreas STEIGER Non-Destructive for the First Time with THz Radiation

WeP.32 Patrick Pilch Population inversion and ultrafast terahertz nonlinearity of transient Dirac fermions in Cd3As2

WeP.33 Jacob Young Extracting skin properties from diseased skin using a modified stratified model

WeP.34 Sanjana S Nalige Mapping changes in hydration water using THz Spectroscopy: Carbon Nanotube Biosensors

WeP.35 Zizwe Chase Plasmon-Fabry-Perot Mode Coupling in an Al/Cd3As2 Hybrid Terahertz Photonic Construct

WeP.36 Yi Xu Complex-valued Spectral Transfer-learning-based Hybrid Metasurface Inverse Design

WeP.37 We are sorry, this contribution was withdrawn

WeP.38 Dibakar Roy Chowdhury Detecting Resonant Evanescent orders in Terahertz Metagratings

WeP.39 We are sorry, this contribution was withdrawn

WeP.40 Edgar Santiago Reyes-Reyes Investigation on a Religious Gilded Wooden Tablet using Terahertz Time-Domain Imaging

WeP.41 Rajesh Koalla Application of Terahertz Metamaterials for Low-concentration Sensing of Premium Explosives like RDX and TNT

WeP.42 Cornelius Mach Terahertz analysis of stability-reduced and damaged wooden cultural assets

WeP.43 Djero Peeters Spectral Weight Transfer in Yttrium Hydride

WeP.44 Szabolcs Turnár Terahertz wave driven electron acceleration from gas jet

WeP.45 Szabolcs Turnár Terahertz-driven ion acceleration by Coulomb explosion

WeP.46 Guanzhao Wen Investigating and Modulating Interfacial Charge Flow across Graphene/WS2 Heterostructure

WeP.47 Markus Stein Quantifying Electron Mobilities in MOCVD-Grown 2D Materials via THz-TDS

WeP.48 Konstantin Wenzel THz Sheet Resistance Measurements on Semiconductor Layers in Reflection Geometry

WeP.49 Hai Wang Exciton Formation and Dissociation One-dimensional Graphene Nanoribbons

WeP.50 Fanqi Meng Coherent- coupling of metamaterial resonators with hydrogen-like acceptor impurities in Si

WeP.51 Chiko Otani Terahertz Phase-Randomizing Absorber by metal-coated Spirulina microcoils

WeP.52 Jingbo Qi Ultrafast manipulation of collective modes via chiral fermions in a charge density wave Weyl semimetal

WeP.53 Liang Cheng THz-Driven Symmetry breaking in Dirac semimetal NiTe2

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